Linux Newbie Resources

First, before launching into a list of what I think are the best places to start if you want to learn how to use Linux, I want to give you a hint about how to find your own problem-specific Linux how-to and tutorial sites. I have found that it helps a lot when using a web search engine to find information about how to do things, to include "how-to" or "tutorial" as a search term, in addition to the keywords for what you are looking for. Note that if you want the words to be hunted for as a phrase, you need to enclose them in quotes for the other search engines, but with google, you can connect the words with a hyphen (with no spaces in between).

And remember to put Linux and possibly the name of your specific Linux distribution as keywords, so the pages you find will be more relevant to your computing environment. Note that using Linux as a keyword is essential, but that you may miss out on some excellent pages if you put in the name of your distribution so, to get the best results, play with searching both with and without various search terms.

Great Linux Newbie Tutorial Sites

The following are good sites for down-to-earth basic information on Linux. I have included Unix articles as the basic commands are the same in Unix as they are in Linux.


The following are excellent online forums for general linux questions


Site with Lots of Cool, Helpful Articles


The Unix Shell


Introduction to Bash Programming


More Great Linux Resources

I know how overwhelming it can be for a newbie to get too much information at once, to go on overload, so I am limiting the listings above to my favorite resources. If you want more options, or the above do not provide you with the level of help that you need or want, then check out the other how-to's and introductions that I have described in my blog:

Free Linux How-to-Guides
Free Guides For Linux Beginner's

Zaurus-Specific Resources

If you do not have a console or terminal already installed on your Zaurus, then read this about consoles.

For how-tos for the Zaurus, check out the Zaurus_How-To_Docs page at oesf.

For Zaurus forums, go to http://www.oesf.org/forum. For a Russian Zaurus forum, go to http://forum.sources.ru/index.php?showforum=167.

For Zaurus IRC chat, check out #zaurus and #openembedded at irc.freenode.net. Be sure to go when you have time to stick around (i.e., leave your Zaurus's chat client open) at least a half hour. If you have a straightforward Zaurus or OZ question, then go ahead and *ask* and then check your client every five or ten minutes for responses.


Revised December 29, 2012