This page is an index of the webpages I have written about shell scripts and code. Some of the pages will only be of interest to people who are running the Zaurus PDA, while others may be of use for people seeking sample scripts for other systems as well. If you are not running a Zaurus, note that I have tried to indicate which pages listed below are specific to Qtopia or the Zaurus.

This section will probably always be under construction, with new scripts and information getting added occasionally, so do check back occasionally.

You also may want to check out the wide array of Zaurus scripts written by my friend Kyle. He has written so many that I do not expect to be be indexing them all here anytime soon.

I will be adding information to some of the pages I have already written, as well as adding various really cool tools, so be sure to check back in two or three months.

Coding Tips and Examples

Handy Aliases

Handy Short Shell Scripts

Run HTML Tidy

Editing Tools

Cropping and Splitting Images

File Management Tools

Find the Filename for a Sketch on the Zaurus

Recursive Grep

Qtopia Networking Tools

Disconnect from Online

Reset CF Device or Modem


Revised November 18, 2012