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NOTE: About half of the feeds listed below are either temporarily or no longer online, so this page needs a major rewrite for readability. However, until I can take the time to do that, I am simply adding notes to the entries for the feed sources, indicating whether or not they seem to be viable as of March 2018.

I'm interested in other console applications as I'd like to find one that would give me a split screen, or give me two or three windows at once. I can open another bash shell from many utilities and command-line browsers, though, so I'm not sure how much screen space I'm willing to sacrifice to control tabs in fancier consoles, probably none.

I can only vouch for the functionality of qpe-terminal_1.5.0-2_arm.ipk, but I turned up so many other unusual or hard-to-locate console IPKs that I thought I might as well share the list here.

Again, I can't guarantee which of these will work without problems on ROM 2.38, except for qpe-terminal_1.5.0-2_arm.ipk, and probably opie-embeddedkonsole_1.5.0-6_arm.ipk. You need to research the other links further to make sure they would be compatible with your ROM.

Newbies be forewarned that installation of ipks that are incompatible could trash your machine, and it is always wise to make a full system backup before installing software from unknown sources or of unknown compatibility.

One of the most reliable Zaurus feeds now is at http://quickening.zapto.org/ZaurusFeed, which primarily includes ipks for ROMs 2.38 and 3.10. The Zaurus console applications currently available for download there are:

zconsole_1.0_arm.ipk (see other notes below, this is probably a serial terminal emulator, I have not tried it)

Another great, viable Zaurus feed that has many console applications is http://www.ossh.com/zaurus/feed/.

zconsole_1.0_arm.ipk (see other notes below, this may be a serial terminal emulator, I have not tried it out)

Another site with IPKs is https://blyx.com/public/feed/Packages.


The OSDN site still has quite a few Japanese versions of Zaurus IPKs, including embeddedkonsole. I am only listing below the most recent versions, if you need older versions, poke around the downloads page at OSDN:


Console IPKs - Historical Download Sources

The following were previously great sources for console IPKs, but seem to have gone offline. If anyone finds they are back up, contact me so I can share that information here. I tried to get ipks from some of these via the wayback machine, and those attempts did not succeed.

At http://zaurus.spy.org/feeds/docs-zaurus-com, I saw the following but the site seems to have gone away. Leaving the package name here for reference (contact me if you find another copy anywhere so I can share):

opie-console_0.6-20021024_arm.ipk Depends on libopie so probably won't work on 2.38? And I do not know where else you can find it if you want to try it, but I am leaving it here just in case it might be a useful hint to hunt for with google. ;)

Menaie's feed http://zaurus.daemons.gr/menaie/feed/ also seems to be down, the following packages were there, I am hunting for alternative sources for them. It was a mirror site of his main site, which is still online, but his main site does not have the same packages.


One of my favorite resources was http://apogee.rockville.md.us/zaurus/feed, but it also seems to be gone. The feed also included IPKs for C3000 series, so I'm not sure which of the following are compatible, if any, other than my favorite qpe-terminal:

embeddedkonsole-tabs_1.5.0-5_arm.ipk [Depends on qpe-base (1.5.0), ptydevs. ptydevs looks familiar but don't know if it's on 2.38. KDE's konsole (shell terminal) ported to Qt Palmtop environment. Might work?]
qkonsole_0.9.3-20040205_arm.ipk [Only depends on qpe-base (1.5.0), and gzip. A "fancy console". Might be okay, but seems iffy as according to ZaurusSoftwareIndex description I saw, many features of this version are specific for C7xx.
zconsole_1.0_arm.ipk (Depends on qpe-base. Serial terminal emulation software for Qtopia. Might work.)

If the above links don't work, then ideally, either http://www.elsix.org or http://killefiz.de/zaurus hopefully should lead you to other download pages for these. They also both seem to be offline right now. killefiz may be gone forever, but if enough people make a case for restoring elsix.org at ibiblio (which is now hosting oesf.org), we still may be able to get it restored. If you are interested, join in on the most recent forum conversations about elsix at http://www.oesf.org/forum/.



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